About Reproductive Justice and Rights Convening 2022

Sexual and reproductive rights are under threat in many parts of the world, especially in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC). Our communities continue to report multiple initiatives that intend to rule back the achievements in Reproductive Justice. We can not stand silent because this issue does not compensate for what our communities have advocated for decades. Moreover, this concern is a threat to human rights. 

While recognizing our role in the society and accepting our responsibilities, Medical Doctors For Choice and its partners initiated a unique platform in a convening style to unite on an equal and Just table the following: advocates, activists, policymakers, planners, regulators, researchers, religious people, specialists, young people, marginalized groups, and people with lived experience in the areas of sexual and reproductive health rights and Justice, to regroup, refocus and re-adjust our interventions that protect and advance rights and Justice.

At the heart of SRHR is the principle that all people, especially women, girls, and LGBTQI+, have the right to make informed decisions about sexuality and reproduction so that they can lead healthy lives, avoid unwanted sexual encounters, decide when and how many children to have, and stay free of related preventable risks.

People's sexual and reproductive health care rights are at the center of achieving SDG3. Sustainable Laws, policies, and programs that put SRHR at the center of design and implementation are imperative to realizing a healthy population and sustainable economic growth for all. The Reproductive Justice and Rights convening is being organized under the host of Medical Doctors For Choice and supporting partners in the field of SRHR and will gather hundreds of participants worldwide to share experiences, learn from ongoing events across the globe and forge together a direction for SRHR. At the RJRC, we want to create an environment of "THINKING GLOBALLY and ACTING LOCALLY."


  1. To develop a diverse and engaging platform for meaningful conversations around reproductive justice's central tenets, including the right to have children, the right not to have children, and the right to nurture our children in a safe and healthy environment.

  1. Addressing the legal and non-legal challenges to contraception, access to safe abortion, post-abortion care, fertility treatments, reproductive health, access to information about one’s reproductive body, and related mental health implications and psychotherapy. 

  1. To explore SRHR and Justice social and environmental health inferences.


    Access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights is a basic human right. However, preventable challenges around attaining the success of this precious foundation are numerous and more diverse in low and middle-income countries. The first RJRC2022 will happen for the first time in the heart of Africa, Kigali, Rwanda. The first of its kind will have a theme Addressing what slows the success_ A way to overcome sexual and reproductive justice challenges for all"

    We hope to gather people from different backgrounds to come at the center of conversations addressing Injustice in access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights information and services. Our core approach is to have a diverse community of people with lived experience of SRHR Injustice represented at the RJRC 2022 to share the word with activists, researchers, policymakers, religious people, and Global Professional  Leaders and decision-makers.

    RJRC 2022 has the following triad of key sub-themes. Each sub-theme is branched into enlightening session tracks attached to it: 

    1. Addressing Gender Inequalities, Equity, and Health Disparities

    2. Right-Based Approach to Sexual and Reproductive Health

    3. Maternal, Child, and Community Health